Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Toilet paper roll wall art

I am so excited to share this post with all of you!  I have been asking family members to save their empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls for a few months now and I have final creations to show you as well as a little tutorial on how to create your own works of art.

This project did take some time but I think it was well worth it and the finished products look great on the walls!

I got this brilliant idea from a pin on Pinterest found here:

How to make your own toilet paper roll wall art:

What you will need... Toilet paper or paper towel rolls, scissors, ruler, clothes pins, tacky glue, and spray paint.

Step 1:
Flatten your toilet paper roll with your hand.

Step 2:
Mark with a pen and a ruler at every 1/2'' all the way down the roll, then cut roll at each mark.

Step 3:
Be creative!!! This is the time to plan your design.  Play around with all of your pieces to see what neat patterns and shapes you can make. When you have decided on a pattern snap a picture of it just in case you have to stop before you finish.

Step 4:
Now you take two pieces and put glue toward the end on one, then stick the second piece on the glue.  Use a clothes pin to pin the two together to help the glue set.  Let dry, then continue with the rest.

Step 5:
When you have completed gluing your design together and it has completely dried spray paint it what ever color you have chosen and hang it.  You are finished!!!

Below are my two finished projects.  

Happy Crafting and don't forget to share your creations!!!

~ Miss Kasie ~


  1. I love the cross! :) So Inspired. Thanks.
    What is the best way to hang them? what did you use to hang these projects on your wall?

  2. Hi,
    Last christmas I did a Christmas Wreath. You can find it here:

    At the time, I decided to use staples, instead of glue, and not to paint.
    I pretend to do some more projects with this material and I am going to experiment the painting...
    Thank you for the suggestion.


  3. We love this tutorial - it's so clever! We've featured it over on :)

  4. WOW, cant wait to try them all!!! Thanks

  5. I'm going to make the Cross as a gag Mother's Day gift while in Quarantine! Lol ❤

  6. Well done! They are really nice and look nothing like what they were made for. I have a Pinterest account and this is on there. I've tried quite s few ideas. If anyone is interested in Pinterest, me username is Planeanne66 ��