Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm back!

I know, I know.  It seems like forever since my last post.  I am sure you can understand that life just gets, well, busy.  Here's a a quick update.

New year means new family photo
(top row: Auntie Ky, Tia Jessie, 'dada'; bottom row: Vavo, Makenzie, 'momma')

  • Makenzie is almost 18months old already. (more on her below)
  • Ross is working as usual and a little LOT more OT. 
  • I am back working on my MA in Early Childhood Education.  I have two courses left.  Graduation should be December of this year!!!  I think the ceremony is in June of 2016 though.
  • I also recently became a Wellness Advocate for doTerra.  I just received my own Home Essential Oils kit and already I love using them.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me kcrown22@gmail.com


What's in store for the Crown Family in 2015...
  • Several fun runs with Makenzie in tow in her new gigantic jogger.
  • Ross goes to Bachelor party at spring training.
  • Family trip to Seattle for a good friend's wedding followed by a pit stop in Idaho to visit Grandma and Grandpa (hopefully that works out).
  • Kasie attends a Positive Discipline workshop and becomes a certified trainer.
  • Annual Camping trip.
  • Kasie delivers first Positive Discipline workshop for preschool teachers as Cognate Project for grad school.
  • Makenzie turns 2!!! (what?)
  • Kasie finishes grad school!
These are just what we have penciled in on our own calendar but the good Lord may have many others to share with us later.  

What are you and your families planning for 2015?

Makenzie update...

approximately 18 months
over 20lbs
just under 30 inches tall
talking our ears off
learning 4 languages (uses 3 of them)
vocabulary of about 75-85 words
loves "bach, bachs" (chickens) & booty (pirate's booty)
runs to the bathroom to go "boo poo" or "pay, pee" or "poddy"
wears pigtails 
eats with fork & spoon "most" of the time
cousin AMANDA is her "person"
favorite words: "aqua", "mas", "all nun" (all done, no thank you, stop), "ups" (up please)


She was an octopus for Halloween!

new balancing skills

Christmas Shades

Momma's #1 helper in the kitchen

My blogging resolution this year is to post one blog post each month on the following topics:

1. Makenzie
2. Our family's adventures throughout the year
3. Cooking (recipes, both new and old)
4. doTerra Essential oils and the ways we use them in our home
5. Crafting (My goal is to complete one project each month)

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying a great start to the new year!  

Many Blessings, 

~ miss kasie ~