Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 months gone and now 11 months too!

Oh my how your days are fuller with a baby on the move and the World Cup in full swing.

I am sorry for not getting Makenzie's 10 month post out sooner but let's be realistic here...  I have been watching more soccer in the last few weeks than I had all year and sewing more baby quilts than I have in my life, and let's not forget about planning a Gatsby surprise party for my mom's 50th!  woo wee, we have been busy little bees over here.  Things haven't really calmed down much either since now we are busy prepping and planning for Makenzie's first birthday! YIKES, how has been a year already?

Back to the update on Makenzie...  She is Eleven months now and so much has changed over just the past two months.

Makenzie Loves

string cheese
zucchini bread
pulling herself up on anything
pushing the laundry basket around the house
water play
bubble baths
Snickers & Dakota
drinking from her sippy cup
watching the World Cup (duh!)

lounging poolside after swim lessons

Makenzie Dislikes

greek yogurt
waiting for food
going down for bedtime
when teeth are cutting through
wiping her hands and face after meals
being cold after swim lessons

Makenzie is starting to clearly wean herself, I had been noticing a decline in her interest in breastfeeding and tried to offer her bottles as well as formula.  So far, the only liquids she will take is water in her zippy cup.  She refuses formula and isn't interested in the bottle of breastmilk most times.  She is nursing three times a day now, first thing in the morning, first thing after she wakes from her morning nap, and just before bedtime.  She eats three solid meals of real food throughout the day with the afternoon snack after her nap.  She loves cheerios in a bowl on the kitchen floor for her snack.  Breakfast usually consists of oatmeal with applesauce or yogurt.  Lunch varies but usually consists of a veggie puree and finger foods like zucchini bread or string cheese.  Dinner is whatever we are eating most times.  She is quite the independent little girl and is very proud of the fact that she can "do it".  

"peek-a-boo"-- shouldn't you be nursing?

Mmm, toast and cheese, her favorite.

Holy lasagna batman!

This is a short section now because well we have hit the milestone of sleeping a full 10-12 hours solid through the night.  Unless she is teething we get a full night's sleep!! YES, finally!!!  Makenzie goes to bed around 7:45pm and wakes up no later than 8am.   She is taking just two naps a day that vary between 1-2 hours each.  

every now and then you just need a big bed to sleep in

Oh this is so much fun during the day.  You really can see her little wheels turning now.  She has mastered the game of throw and get mommy or daddy to give the ball back to me.  I love how she grunts "dah" every time she throws the ball.  Throwing is her main activity lately, no more remotes.  I am so glad we bought her sensory balls, they will be getting a lot of use here soon.  She also loves her activity cube which she can stand up alongside and play with now.  Sometimes she shakes it real hard and both she and the cube topple over.  

I have also started doing "discovery baskets" a couple times a week with makenzie.  These are simple everyday items that I gather into a small basket and put on the floor for her to explore.  She really enjoyed exploring an apple and Ross's travel size shaving brush.  As she gets older I will be able to introduce more items and create different themed baskets.  Right now I am doing a lot of familiar things she sees us using but doesn't usually get to "play" with.  

Cousin Alissa reading Green Eggs & Ham to Makenzie

Makenzie, meet Ruby.  Waiting for our flight to L.A.

Makenzie still loves the outdoors and we try to get outside at least once a day if not more.  My favorite thing is taking her to the park and letting her crawl around the grass and find leaves of all sizes and tastes, eew i know but she has to learn.  :)


Language: She can now say "dada" and "mama" although I am not sure I would yet classify either as her "first word".  I think her first word was signing "more please".  She has also mastered signing "all done'' and ''milk''.  She has so many babbles in her arsenal now and she chats about everything in the car and while she is supposed to be napping.  I love to hear that cute little voice though.  

Social: Thank goodness we are starting to come out of the separation anxiety stage.  We have successfully gone to the gym about 3 times now and each time Makenzie has gotten better at going into the child care.  This last time she did fuss or cry at all.  One proud mamma right here. :)

Physical: Makenzie is still in the lower end of the growth charts but she is pretty coordinated for a little squirt.  She is starting to stand by herself, still a bit shaky but you can see the focus on her face when she tries.  She has definitely mastered crawling in, on, under, and around everything!  The baby gate is shut right?  

Cognitive: Quick story here... the other night she was taking a bubble bath and it was so fun to sit there and watch her fill her turtle shell with soapy water and then try to "wipe" the bubbles out and then do it all over again.  She was even trying to take the bubbles I was blowing onto her away.  

Swinging at the park

GO USA!!! USMNT vs, Azerbajan May 27th.

Alexis & Shawna's wedding. 

what is this little spec?

packing peanuts!

Bisavo helping me drink water

Well so far our summer has been full of swimming, sun, parties, and World Cup.  We are looking forward to more swimming, parties, World Cup, and camping!  Camping with an 11 month old, oh boy, wish us luck!  :D

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!  

Many Blessings, 

~miss kasie ~