Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1/2 a year has come and gone already!

6 Months Old!

15 pounds, 15 ounces
25.5 inches long

bath time
teether toy, Sophie
walks along the canal in the beautiful sunshine
any tags on clothes, toys, blankets, anything!
story time
sneezes (hers or ours)
yummy cereal with bananas

Can't Stand:
traffic, still
when the 49'ers lose :(
falling over when she sits
not much else yet

watching her 49'ers play

Developmental progress

  Makenzie is still exclusively breastfeed (praise God for a steady supply for this long) and has been enjoying infant oatmeal once a day since the beginning of January.  Makenzie loves to eat!  A girl after my own heart.  We knew it was time to start introducing solids when at dinner she would reach for our plates and grab at whatever yummy food she could get her hands in reach of.  Her first tastes (little licks or nibbles) were banana, an artichoke leaf, an orange slice, slice of lime, and an apple slice.  Her first official food was pureed carrots today!  

Stole daddy's artichoke leaf

 Makenzie loves to spend her mornings playing on her play mat or blanket with her blocks, stacking cups, and Mozart music block (thanks Tim for the suggestion).  After her morning naps we like to enjoy a bit of story time cuddled on the couch or sitting on the floor.  The books usually end up covered in drool, that's how I really know she liked it.  We are almost able to play peek-a-boo.  Right now it goes like this: I cover her face with a burp cloth or her lovey and say "where's Makenzie?" as she tries to pull it off.  Once she does I say "there she is!" as we get a huge smile.  We sometimes say where's mommy or daddy too..  

Makenzie has recently started grabbing at her feet and toes, and is very aware of her hands.  Her hand/mouth coordination is really good!  Everything in arms reach will eventually end up in her mouth and covered in drool! Even the dogs are at risk of being grabbed if they get close enough.  

She even holds her own book.

Working on that core strength, no slouching. 


What a hungry little caterpillar she was. 

  After we surpassed the 4 month sleep regression Makenzie really found her rhythm at night.  She began to sleep anywhere between 10-13 hours a night.  I knew things were getting too good to be true and we have reached the 6 month sleep regression/wonder week known as awareness of relationships.  She is beginning to realize when she is alone in her room at night and vocalizes her opinion on the matter.  We are hoping that we can introduce more "alone time" throughout the day to allow her to learn that even though we are not right there next to her we are still nearby.  Oh how I love her continuing growth and learning while at the same time I loathe these sleepless nights.  As I keep telling myself at 11pm, 1am, 3am, and again at 5am, "this too shall pass".  

On a good note, she is quite the napper.  Makenzie takes 3-4 naps ranging between 1.5 -2 hours a day with the occasional catnap around 5pm depending on how busy her day has been.  



January Fun

Looking cool in her shades

Bundled up and ready to cheer on Mommy, Vavo, & Auntie Ky at the Hot Chocolate 5K in S.F.

"Owl see you later!"

At her first Stockton Thunder game!

Hello Quinn!  First Playdate

They are so sneaky!

At the doctor waiting for those pesky shots.

Being 6 months old is HARD!


Things in this household have definitely changed in the last six months, but we seriously cannot believe how fast this time has gone by.  I have friends who are expecting children in the next several months and it is hard to believe that not that long ago I was in those shoes, wondering what motherhood would truly be like. 

What's also amazing is my husband!  I know I haven't spoken much of him on here lately but he is awesome, especially with Makenzie.   Recently I have decided to coach the Academy's junior high boy's soccer team and while I have been at practice every afternoon this opportunity has given Makenzie and Ross time to get to know one another.  I am so glad he gets to have some good daddy/daughter time.  

Also, I just re-applied to graduate school so hopefully as of August I will be finishing up my Masters.  

We praise God for the many blessings and opportunities he has brought to our little family.

Many blessings, 
~ miss kasie ~