Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wholly moly, 4 months gone and went, now 5 months gone! Where is the time going?

FOUR months old
weight... not sure yet.. Doctor appointment next week.
outgrown most 3 month clothing (especially pajamas)
getting really good at sleeping through the night (10pm-6am)
went on first airplane ride
would rather stand on your lap than anything else
getting better at rolling from tummy to back
mommy and daddy are starting baby signs

Makenzie's Likes:
her pink ball
her fingers/hands & your fingers/hands
pulling out her binky at bed time
bum pats
facing out
being outdoors
standing on your lap
sitting straight up -> not reclined at all!
being sung to
rides in the stroller

Makenzie Dislikes:
when her milk isn't ready
being covered by the nursing cover
trying to roll from tummy to back

November has been a wonderful month for little miss Makenzie.  She has celebrated her auntie Ky's birthday in Napa, attended another wedding with mom, and took her first vacation to Idaho via airplane.  She has also been expressing herself in many ways, mainly her newfound voice.  We have heard only the occasional squeal and tiny giggle but her voice is there.  She talks to us much more often now.  


She is officially in her own room sleeping in her crib each night.  We have packed up and put away the pack 'n' play.  She is pretty good at going to bed at night, however, during the day her naps have become short little power naps.  She has two good (1-2 hour) naps; one in the morning and one in the evening and the rest are roughly 30-45 minute snoozes.  I usually put her down for her nap in her crib if we are home or sometimes I get super lucky and we nap together on the couch. 

... pLAy tImE ...

Since her awake periods have gotten longer I am beginning to find different ways to engage her cognitively.  With the weather becoming colder now outside time is very limited.  I love for her to be outdoors experiencing the different sights and sounds of nature.  

Because she is becoming more aware of her surroundings Ross and I both started to play the "find mommy/daddy" game.  I can't believe how good she is at recognizing our voices.  I'm pretty sure she is also recognizing familiar voices too; i.e. Vavo, Jen, Ky, and Lori.  


Makenzie loves to play outside on the lawn.  She will stare up at the trees for ever. 


As you can see her pink ball is her favorite!  She is really getting good at grabbing and holding on to it.  She will bring it to her mouth and gum it to death all the time. 


We bought a new play mat to have one at Vavo's all the time (hauling it every time we visited was becoming a pain).  

I don't have any pictures but bath time has become one of our favorite activities (hers and mine).  She is growing so fast she is now too big for the kitchen sink in our house, big girl tub it is!  I fill our tub up pretty good and sit in it with her so she can "go swimming".  The other day I supported her head and let her body do it's thing.  She somewhat floated, but the most amazing thing happened... she was splashing her arms around and kicking her legs.  Water was getting all over her face and she didn't miss a beat.  I was such a proud mommy. 


Makenzie has mastered the "COO".  After she wakes up in the morning and has been fed this girl will talk your ear off until she falls asleep for her morning nap.  We have had some pretty awesome conversations.  
Next step, baby signs.  She is becoming more coordinated with her hands/arms and her sense of awareness is increasing so I figured it is a good time to start.  I am starting with 'more' and 'all done' then I think we will move on to 'mom', 'dad', 'please', 'thank you', and then who knows from there.  

Below are more pictures from Makenzie's 4th month of life and her first vacation, did I mention it snowed!

We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season, but top on my list is this precious gift God blessed us with.  Even though there are always going to be bumps along this journey the good times make it so worth every step!  I love parenthood!!!

FIVE months old

almost 15 pounds!!!
Loves to sit up
Daddy gives her tid bits of his food and she makes funny faces
First giggle!!!!
1st Christmas at Vavo's
met a new friend, Everett
squeals all the time
getting really good at putting herself to bed at nap time

Makenzie likes

bath/shower time
putting absolutely everything in her mouth and gumming it to death
holding her spoon while we eat
light up toys and musical toys
chewing on books
looking at the Christmas lights on the tree

in awe of the lights

meeting mr & mrs claus for the first time

         Moo, Baa, La, La, La                                    blurry because she was falling over

1st pony tail !!!


with Miss Kaylee at church nursery                                          funny faces with Zia Chris

Christmas Day evening at home opening presents from Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Jan

First official baby playdate!

getting frustrated at her stacking stars

2013 has been such a fun filled and exciting year of new beginnings and wonderful adventures. We are excited to see what 2014 has in store for this family.  

 Many Blessings, 

~ miss Kasie ~