Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's baseball season and Makenzie is now 8 months old!!!

What a crazy hair day!

She is growing so fast and learning so many new things everyday it is hard to keep up.  

Makenzie LOVES

bell peppers
anything on your plate
watching the chickens
our dogs
reaching for everything
pulling herself up on your pants 
pushing herself on the floor
wearing her bunny ears
the cat


poopy diapers
 cold breast milk
some headbands

March was a fun filled month of visits from Vavo and auntie Ky, the Brookins' family, and a video visit from Tia Jess.  Makenzie attended several of my team's soccer games.  She is such a trooper and for the most part does well at sporting events.  She even made it out to her cousin Amy's softball tournament.  
We love FaceTime with Tia Jessie

Auntie Ky

Mak's boys

Makenzie's eating habits are absolutely awesome!  She is still breastfed, and eats between 1-2 meals of solids a day (usually lunch and dinner).  She has recently been introduced to chicken and loved it.  I can't stand prepping it, something about pureeing meat is just plain gross!  She still doesn't have any teeth though so she is limited on what I feel comfortable giving to her. :)  I tried a piece of turkey burger last week and well the little chipmunk scared to crap out of me.  As I get braver and more confident in her chewing skills I may branch back out and giver her more 'solid' foods.  For now she gets very soft chopped veggies to grab and eat.  She is getting quite good at her "pincer grasp".   Ps. no she hasn't figured out the sippy cup yet, she just likes to play with it. 

mmm, sweet potato

Most of Makenzie's play consists of putting everything in her mouth still.  However, this month she started experimenting with banging objects on things and together.  She will pat everything (table, ground, toys, your face, etc).  She is becoming more aware of the game peek-a-boo and doesn't get scared as easily.  Ross has created "the claw" game where he slowly creeps his hand and arm towards her and then tackles/tickles her.  She is able to anticipate what will happen and when her face and whole body cringes it is so cute!  Once a week we go "swimming" in the spa.  Don't worry it's not too hot I promise.  She loves to splash around and kicks her feet when placed on her tummy in the water. Makenzie will officially start her "shrimp" class swim lessons next week at our gym.  We are very excited for this mommy/daddy and me class.  We also get to learn fun ways to promote her water skills.

A day at the park
Getting ready to SWIM!

Ahh... we love sleep.  Makenzie is in a great sleep schedule.  Finally!  Bedtime is still at 8:00pm,  wake up is between 6:30-8:00am.  Morning nap happens between 9:30-11:30am with her afternoon falling in between 1:00-3:30pm, she has an occasional catnap before dinner.

Late night wake up (oopsie, the diaper leaked)

We are looking forward to celebrating Makenzie's first Easter.  She already has a couple of cute dresses for the holiday.  

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!

~ miss Kasie ~

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter is on its way...

I haven't posted a post other than a Makenzie monthly update in a long time so I thought, why not give it a shot.  As a child growing up I always looked forward to holidays because my mom did her mom magic to make them special.  We would receive goodies on Valentine's Day, Easter baskets, handmade Halloween costumes, and awesome stockings and coded gift tags at Christmas.

As a new mom I have been dying to jump into the holiday fun but I feel it's a tad early since make die is just over 7.5 months old.  I couldn't help but find goodies to make her a little Easter basket.  I was inspired by Jessica at   I have to agree that Target's $1 bins are a great place to find stocking stuffers and basket goodies. Most of Makenzie's basket came from that aisle. I found everything in the $1 aisle except the bunny plate actually, even the basket itself and grass.

I have to say Makenzie had a great time cruising through Target with her bunny ears. She received so many compliments and even made a friend with another little shopper who kept telling his daddy "look, a bunny" and pointed at Makenzie.

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far and that the rain isn't making things too tricky.  :)

Many Blessing, 

~ miss kasie ~