Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tot-School has begun!

Welcome back!!

As you can tell, I haven't been very good at staying up to date on the blog.  My family, grad school, and a very active toddler leaves me with little time to organize my thoughts on here.  Although resolutions are for New Year's I am starting again now.  I hope to become more regular with my posts and I am going to try to cover more topics than just my favorite little munchkin.  

If you have any ideas you would like me to cover or are interested in, please leave me a comment!

I am still at home with Makenzie every wonderful day and now that she is actively exploring EVERYTHING in sight I decided it was times to start the Crown Family Tot-School.  This is just my version of preschool at home. Although right now it is just Makenzie and I, one day I hope to expand and have more littles (not just more of my own kids) here learning and exploring with us.  Our family's schedule isn't your typical Monday-Friday work week with weekends off so I had to get creative when creating a tot-school schedule that even Ross could do when he is home with Makenzie. So as of right now our actual daily schedule is very, very flexible.  Hey, I am new at this homeschool thing.  Here is what our typical day looks like:

7:30am      Wake, potty, breakfast 
8:30am      Get dressed, free play
9:30am      Potty, theme concept activity, outside time (run the canal, look for ducks, feed  
                  the chickens/goats)
       **If we have to go grocery shopping or run any errands we do that first thing.
11:00am    Sensory play while I make lunch
11:30am    Lunch time, potty
12:00pm    Story
12:30pm    Nap time
3:00pm      Wake, potty, snack
3:30pm      Theme concept activity 
4:00pm      Potty, swim Lessons
5:15pm      Free play (inside or outside)
6:00pm      Dinner
7:00pm      clean up, Daddy time
7:30pm      Bath, potty, Get ready for bed 
8:00pm      Bed time.  

Again this is a very general schedule.  Because the weather is warming up now (finally!) we try to get outside as early as possible to do fun stuff and save indoor time for more focused activities since it is usually hot after nap time.  Swim lessons are not everyday and it really depends if Ross is home whether we have somewhere to be or if we can stay and 'play'. 

I have planned themes for each month from June 2015 - May 2016.  We started this month with OCEAN because we knew we will be going on a few trips to the Aquarium and the beach.  (I hope to write a wrap-up post at the end of each theme summarizing what I planned, what we did, and what Makenzie loved). 

Next month's theme is America & The Great Outdoors. We have a camping trip planned as well as a few other mini vacations to explore. 

Other themes we will cover over the next several months are nursery rhymes, my body, 5 senses, The Farm & Farm Animals, Fall,  Winter.  

A few other things we will cover in our tot-school are stories from the bible, new finger plays and songs, cooking projects, science fun, and even memory versus.  I love thematic curriculum planning so you will notice the activities, trips, snacks, and stories we do will somehow be related to the current theme we are learning about.  Our trip to the Aquarium last week was the perfect way to start our Ocean theme, it really got Makenzie fired up about "fishies" and the ocean.     

Pinterest is a great resource for homeschool ideas and for free print-ables. Here are a few of my favorite websites so far.  
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I hope you are all having a wonderful start to SUMMER!!!

God Bless You,

~ miss Kasie ~