Sunday, July 28, 2013

Couples Baby Shower = Lots of laughs

Couples Baby Shower Time!!! 

My close friend from college, Cherie and my sister, Ky did such an amazing job hosting our couples baby shower!! The food was delicious, the cake- AMAZING, and the games were so much fun!  Can you guess what candy bar made the mess in that diaper?  How fast can you chug your beverage out of a slow flow nipple?  And we were blessed with many great items for baby girl!!

Here are a few pictures of the events that took place. 

Ross trying really hard to suck his pink lemonade out of the slow flow nipple. 

The boys after the bottle chug game.  Great job Greg and Temo!!

Rosemary and I 

Tony, Me, Ross, & Rosemary

Strawberry cake decorated to match the baby shower decorations.
Cherie did an amazing job creating that cake!!

I am pretty sure everyone had a great time and I have to say I absolutely loved watching the boys play the bottle chug game.  I don't think many of them realized how hard it would be to get the beverage to come out of the slow flow nipple.  A few of them created their own techniques... squeezing the bottle and squeezing the nipple itself.  All in all the only dad in the group came out on top!  Way to go Greg!

Another great moment at the shower was getting to see two new babies I had yet to meet in person!  Krishawn's little girl Sophie (9wks) and Melody's little boy Titus (6wks)!   For those of you who don't know, Krishawn, Melody, and I taught together at the CSU Stanislaus Child development Center in the Infant/Toddler room.  Krishawn was the first of us to get married and the first momma of our group.  Melody was the next to get married followed by Ross and I.  

Melody was the second one to get pregnant and when I was telling her our great news she suggested I call Krishawn because there might be something she had to tell me too.  Could you believe it, all three of us were pregnant at the same time!!!  Not just that, but we were all due within months of each other.   I can't wait to get the picture of all our babies together!

This year has been full of so many blessings.  

We hope you are enjoying your weekend and wish you a very blessed week!

~ Miss Kasie ~

PS... I promise the 37 week picture and post is coming... It has just taken me this long to get the house back in order after getting back from Sac.  

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