Monday, April 16, 2012

crafting update...

I was pretty busy lately with crafting, house sitting, working with the dogs, and applying for a new job that I haven't posted in a very long time.  So here we go...

I finished Petra's CSU Stanislaus T-shirt memory quilt.

I created a book page mirror to add to our home decor (we literally have only a few pieces on the walls).
This project was actually really fun, because I had found an old book with aged pages the look is sort of antiqued.  Finding the right mirror was the trickiest part and took a few shopping trips to find it.  But it was only $1 at the dollar store, so I LOVE IT!

I haven't started our sunburst mirror yet, but I have to find a large enough mirror and a few more pieces before I can start that one. I got the idea from pinterest via this blog...

I found an awesome idea (Toilet paper craft Decor) to upcycle toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls into awesome looking home decor!  I haven't completed this project yet.  I am still collecting rolls and still gluing them together and designing cool new patterns.  I think I will be spray painting them all black when i'm done assembling them.  Here's what I have so far...

So first I flattened each roll and marked with a ruler and pen every 1/2'' and then cut the roll at each mark.  Then to make a four leaf flower I glued (using tacky glue) two pieces together (above photo) and held them together with a clothes pin.  Once that has dried completely you glue two of those to each other and VoilA!! You have a flower! There are many variations for this craft, 5 petal flowers, leaves off the flower, etc. The possibilities are endless, hence why I haven't finished ;)

The next projects I am going to show you are also upcycled house hold Items.  I have started to collect glass jars from store bought items (jelly, salsa, pickles...) and also wine/cider bottles.  Below is a new soap dispenser created from a salsa jar.  I punctured the lid and created a hole large enough to insert the pump into the top. I will spray paint the lid white and then hot glue the pump to the lid.  You may also spray paint the glass as well and can make designs with rubber bands and masking tape.

Below are going to be bathroom decor.  I just need one more cider glass to write "live" on.  These were super easy and will look really cool when finished.  It's just hot glue! I wrote the words using my glue gun.  I will spray paint these as well.  Ross suggested I then peel off the glue and let the green of the bottle be exposed, which is a pretty neat idea.  We'll see what happens. :)

Well that's all for this update.  I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished products.

Happy Monday!

~ miss kasie ~

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