Friday, March 9, 2012

Woo Hoo for March!!

So the first few days of March here in Weott have been pretty nice.  We have had chilly mornings with some frost on the ground but usually warm during the day.  This next week though we are going to get a good amount of rain.  The dogs have really enjoyed the sunny days with their 'swim lessons' down at the river.  They mostly just run through the shallows but Snickers did get some courage when he thought he could make it in a deeper section and was surprised by deep water.  He ran right into it and went completely under water.  He came out a little frazzled and was hesitant to go in the water after that.  But today he had no fear and had a blast running in and out of the shallows.

Puppy Update:
Training is going great, they are doing well learning the 'come' command.  Both are allowed off leash at the river and have been pretty consistent at obeying the command.  Of course they get a treat when they do well. :)  Ross and were so shocked today to see Snickers using a soft mouth to retrieve his toy duck in the living room.  He would stay as I tossed the duck away and when given command would go retrieve the duck gently and bring it back to my lap for a treat.  Ross might have to get himself into hunting after all. :)

Crafting Update:
I have started Petra's Stanislaus t-shirt memory quilt and am putting together a 'simple' tutorial for a t-shirt quilt to be posted when the project is complete.

March Goals:
As far as my March goals I have to say I've been doing well at trying to work out more. I would say every other day is how it's going right now.  Healthy eating is still a work in progress... Ross didn't help by buying Oreo's tonight. :(  Friends and family have sent us a number of delicious and new recipes for our meal plans.  I can't wait to put some to use!  The Photo Challenge is going great!!!

I have started another Pinterest project that was inspired by a fellow CHiPy wife who has this project as part of her home decor.  Pictures later, but I will say it has to do with book pages, wooden dowels, and mirrors. :)

I also shipped my baby quilt off to Craft4Change this week and we built the trellis for our peas and cucumber in the garden.  Sprouts are growing and transplantation is coming around the corner... Can't wait!

Happy Friday!!

~ Miss Kasie ~

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