Friday, January 27, 2012

What a busy January...

hello again blogger world!

I have to say first off, a month long vacation is not as wonderful as it sounds in my opinion.  Living out of a suitcase and crashing in spare rooms, on couches, and sometimes hotels can get a little crazy.  Well my husband and I figured why not spice things up a little bit by buying two adorable chocolate lab puppies to add to our family at the beginning of the month long vacation..
Welcome home Snickers & Dakota!!

Our vacations started off in the bay area celebrating the new year with my in-laws, then we traveled up north (picked up our puppies near chico) and visited with my family.  Only two days later we were off to Disneyland for our 4 day Honeymoon!!! My husband hadn't been there since he was a little boy and had never seen California Adventure so this was definitely a great choice in a Honeymoon destination.  We were given "Just Married" buttons and nearly every cast member in both parks congratulated us.  We also met another newleywed couple while waiting for the jungle cruise.  Overall it was a very fun, romantic, and special way to celebrate our marriage, just the two of us.  

P.S... Check out World of Color, it was amazing!

We are finally settled back in Weott and the pups are getting used to the area (so many new smells!)
Ross and I (mostly Ross) have been busy putting up the fence that makes up the new dog run and laying carpet and padding on the hardwood so the pups don't go sliding around all the time.  They are now 3 months old and growing so fast!  (almost 30 lbs each)

The days are busy and filled with lots of trips outside to go potty, daily walks/runs, training sessions and lots and lots of chewing (toys mostly).  Snickers has learned how to shake with not only his Right paw but also his Left paw ;)  and Dakota is learning how to play dead when shot, BANG!

One last thing before I go.. for those of you who are wondering how the fusion transported not just Ross, myself and Skittles but also the new pups and all of our added "luggage"... Ross finally found the truck he's been searching for.  Just one plane ride to L.A. and a long drive up to Humboldt but it's here and it's a beaut!

Hope January has been great to you all,

~ Miss Kasie ~

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