Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two in one

Hey there,

Ross and I have been so busy puppy proofing our house and yard and unpacking from a month on the road that we hadn't really had time to plan out meals.  And let's just say that when you are on vacation for a month you don't exactly eat the most healthy meals.  So now begins our detox (so to speak).

Good friends of ours got us Insanity for Christmas.  Our number one resolution for 2012 is to get into a regular habit of working out and number two is to eat healthier meals.  Now that we have two pups with endless supplies of energy it doesn't seem that hard of a resolution to keep.  Even still we decided to start out slow, insanity every other day and walks/runs with the dogs everyday.   We noticed with Ross working the day shift that eating dinner, working out at night, and getting to bed early wasn't really as possible as we thought it would be.  So we've decided to switch lunch and dinner.  We will be having our large meals for lunch and a protein shake and snack for dinner after we workout (only on the days he has work).

With this being said Pinterest finally came in super handy!  A few weeks back I found a pin where someone had suggested pre-packaging smoothies in baggies to make it easier and quicker to make a shake/smoothie.  This was so easy!  We bought a tub of plain yogurt and I poured it out into a cupcake tin and put it in the freezer for a few hours until frozen.  We also had bought frozen strawberries, blueberries, and peaches.  I sliced up bananas and froze them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet in the freezer for about an hour and a half.  I also chopped up some fresh spinach to go into the baggies. You would be surprised that spinach doesn't change the flavor it just adds nutrients and sometimes if too much is added a greenish smoothie is the result. :)

After everything was frozen I got twelve baggies and started to divide the fruit and yogurt into the baggies, zipped them up tight and put them all in the freezer.

Below are pictures of the set up and finished products.

And now on for the second part of today's post... Stuffed bell peppers!
Recipe from my College Cooking cookbook

Ross loves stuffed bell peppers and well, I am not the biggest fan of bell peppers but I have also never had a stuffed one.  So tonight's dinner was a little new to me.  On a scale from 1-10 I would give it a 6.5.
The ground turkey lacked flavoring, carrots were a little under cooked (but I can't stand cooked carrots anyway), and the bell peppers didn't fully cook all the way around (I think because these were XL peppers).

Our solution to the lack in flavor was to add pasta sauce... it was kinda like a spaghetti with cous cous.  I will definitely have to look up another recipe using turkey and see what kind of seasoning to add next time.

Take Care!

~ Miss Kasie ~


  1. Hey, Kasie, did you par-boil the peppers first? If not, try that. Just slip the peppers into a pot of boiling water for five minutes (adjust to your taste as you experiment - I found five minutes makes them tender without being mushy) and then stuff them for the oven.

    Love, Jan

  2. Thank you JoAnne!!! The recipe I used didn't mention that but I bet that would help. I will try your tip next time. :)