Thursday, December 22, 2011

Too late for a Thanksgiving post, I think not!

After our wedding in October, Ross and I decided to keep it low key for the holidays to prevent chaos in our newly wedded lives.  Our first Thanksgiving was planned for just the two of us here in Weott.  We were going to have a simple turkey breast, we bought at Costco, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, Hawaiian rolls, green beans and a salad. Ooh and my first ever apple pie (recipe from my father in law!). Those simple plans quickly changed as Ross came home and asked me if I wouldn’t mind making dinner for the graveyard guys.  I said sure without thinking about the preparation and work it takes to cook up a delicious thanksgiving feast. 
The next day I went to the store, which is about twenty five minutes away to pick up some extra fixings to make a feast for six people.  Our menu stayed relatively the same I just made more of it.  

I made the famous "Roger's" apple pie the day before Thanksgiving.  I was totally surprised how great it turned out for my first time.  I also figured that I would be busy cooking later in the day so after lunch I set the table and started making Jan's (mother-in-law) sweet potato casserole and then stowed it away in our awesome new casserole warmer (wedding gift from the Hall’s).  

As it got closer to 7:30pm (dinner time with CHP officers) the stress started to build. I had four pots on the stove, a turkey breast in the oven and a ham in the crock pot (thank you Koyce!).  With a little help from the hubby the dinner was not burnt and was ready on time. 

~ Miss Kasie ~


  1. That looks really yummy! :) I'll definitely be checking out future posts. :) -Olivia

  2. Oh, and I still want to see photos of your quilts! ;)