Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My First Blog

I am so excited to finally be a member of the blogging community.  I’ve been unofficially following a few blogs for about a year now.  (Check them out, they've got great ideas and inspiration)

I had been thinking of starting my own blog for quite some time now, but I was worried about what to write about, who would follow me, would anyone follow me.  Finally, after visiting countless blog pages via google search and Pinterest, I realized that it really doesn’t matter who will or won’t follow me and I can write about anything.  I’ve decided to keep an eclectic blog covering topics I am passionate about, mostly cooking new meals, crafting & DIY projects, and children.

There are many other things I am passionate about but I will start with these and see where the blog goes from here.  So here we go, and thank you for joining me on this new journey. :)

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